Prerequisites Before Installing/Commissioning Of Bird Repeller

  • Clean the area of all evidence of Birds : nests, fledglings, droppings, dead birds and residential scent and birds
  • Remove food spillage, garbage, nesting material and other appealing items
  • Clean the area with soap water to remove residential scent
  • Make educated guesses as to where the birds will go when they are repelled from their current infestation and consider additional units to cover these alternative areas
  • Maintain a clean and changing environment
  • Periodically clean the area of nests and droppings, relocate or reposition the unit, vary the output or turn off the unit for a short time
  • Install early before “bird season” begins as it is easier to keep the birds away than to route them once they have established a living pattern
  • Use products synergistically : Two or more different kinds of devices ( the repeller plus a visual scare product and/or a roost inhibiting device) will produce a synergistic effect – i.e., in combination, the products will yield much greater effectiveness that the one alone