• Green Products & Sustainability

    Eco-friendly alternatives to toxic pesticides and traps. Solve pest problems without harming the environment

    Bird Control India - Prompt Pest Control Equipments
  • Agrilaser®

    The ultimate remedy for bird nuisance. Advanced patented optical technology

    Agrilaser Bird Repellent - Prompt Pest Control Equipments
  • Hi-Tech Electronic Solutions

    Protect facilities and large outdoor areas with advanced electronic bird control

    Hi-Tech Electronic Bird Repellent - Prompt Pest Control Equipments
  • Watch your bottom line

    Cut cleanup and repair costs – simple solutions can save your small business time and money

    Bird Repellent Suppliers - Prompt Pest Control Equipments
  • Cut Costs & Risks

    Pests in the wrong places can cause catastrophic damage – from aircraft bird strikes to fires, power outages and the spread of disease

    Bird Deterrent System - Prompt Pest Control Equipments

Featured Products

Prompt Pest Control Equipments

We have been engaged in supplying sonic & ultrasonic pest control equipment & products, pest repellers, animal repellers, bird repellers, rodent repellers, mosquito traps, air purifiers as well as other general pest control products. We are proud to offer pest control products that are humane, eco-friendly, and extremely effective.

Pest & Bird Control Products

Our range of pest repellers comply with the international standards of quality, owing to which, our range is well acclaimed all over the country. Quality and integrity have been our corporate motto since inception; and we are dedicated to producing superior quality products, which is backed, by unparalleled customer service and support. Say goodbye to pests! Contact us today to find the pest or bird control program that’s right for you.

Non Toxic

The products are non-toxic ensuring that no pollutants enter your life or the life of your loved ones. The material used does not contain any hazardous chemicals and is safe for industrial, commercial and house use.

Non Poisonous

The technology used in our products assures you of the best available quality and are made of material that don’t harm the environment. They don’t contain any poisonous material making it safe for use by anyone.


The equipments used drive away pests and are healthy for the environment as they don’t disrupt the food chain. They are eco- friendly and prevent contributions to air, water and land pollution.

Extremely Effective

Effectiveness is something we value the most and the essential professional practice that we follow. All the products are extremely effective and have been tested thoroughly and gone through a number of quality checks.

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